My Caffeinated Life

A, C, D, H, I, R, S from mycaffeinatedlife


A - Available? - For Parties!

C - Crushing on? - Russell Tovey

D - Drink you last had? - Sweet Tea

H - Hometown? - Peabody, Kansas

I - Icecream flavour? - Chocolate

R - Reason to smile? - Being alive!

S - Song i last sung? - “I Sing The Body Electric” from the Fame Soundtrack (The Original Movie)

Thanks for asking!

Gonna answer these back since few of ya actually send me them when I … yeah you know

A. Nope.. I got my “engagement chainmail bracelet”
C. Crushing..Two guys.. James Howe, and Ben Baur
D. Drink… really now.. Coffee
H.  Hometown.. Salem, Oregon
I.  Tillamook Mudslide… google it
R. Reason to smile.. I own football gear for a semi-pro team.
S. Song I last sung….MmmmM Yeah - Austin Mahone and Pitbull. 

Go with her to prom. from Anonymous


What’s the reasoning to why I should, given the information I supplied in my original post of this situation I’m in?


who knows that might be here on anon trying to make you go.  BTW Aaron read our back and forth last night and he told me.. He went out with a girl once that was SUPER into him.. after a while when he thought hey this isn’t working out.. she tried to kill her self and her parents were blaming Aaron.. HELLA DRAMA!

I thought about it while driving back from Wilsonville and I’d have never gone out with my sister’s friends.  Thats…. like some B rated coming of age flick.  I dunno, liek I said earlier.. you can just own up and say No to her and to your parents and stand resolute.